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CieAura Body Revolutionaries

Meet the 1st round of winners of the CieAura Body Revolution 8-Week Challenge!

Chrissy Arguijo

“It was an easy system…It gave me more energy and better eating habits.” - Chrissy A., lost 19 lbs during the 8-Week Challenge

Cheryl Booth

“When I felt better, it was motivating to me to continue. Although I had never really attempted to diet in the past, likewise, I didn't ever see pounds come off as they were with this program.” - Cheryl B., lost 17 lbs during the 8-Week Challenge

Carol Casperson

“Easy to follow, easy to lose weight even though I have yet to really incorporate regular exercise into my daily routine. I have lost over 30 pounds since I began following the program in November, doing nothing more strenuous than walking my two dogs.” - Carol C., lost 7.4 lbs during the 8-Week Challenge and over 30lbs since starting the CieAura Weight Management System

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Carl Henriques, 61 lbs & 31 inches
"I tried to lose weight for years, but would always gain it back. This is the easiest thing I've ever done."

"I just made the decision that this is the last day I will ever be as big as I am."
Denise Schaat, 21.5 lbs & 20 inches
"This is by far the easiest and most effective weight control program I've ever experienced"
Jennifer Hebert, 36.5 lbs & 30 inches
"No more YO YO diets!!! This is something anyone can do and keep doing!"
Marty Smallwood, 26 lbs & 27 inches
"The tools make the difference... they make it so that this is not hard to stay on and enjoy!"
Rick Dodson, 85 lbs & 33 inches
"I've tried every diet on the market and even though I could lose weight, it was never easy and would never last. This is different... I've been on this system now for 6 months, I've lost over 85 pounds in 6 months and it's been the easiest thing you can imagine. This has given me my life back!"